In November 2023, our Frankfurt team will re-establish the NODE+CODE meetup series traveling through Frankfurt.

The meetup invites all creatives, designers, artists, coders and anyone else interested to a series of events with changing locations and thematic focuses – all related to working with code in design and the arts.

Each meetup will feature community members who will provide an insight “behind the front end” of their projects – in the evening with an intensive talk, drinks, soup and plenty of space for networking, and the next morning with a practical workshop.

The meetups are for free and we ask you for a small contribution for the workshop. For this, we use a solidary price system: Our participation fee is 20€, or reduced 5€. But you can also participate for 0€ if you don't want to or can't pay a participation fee. Of course, we appreciate your support for our project so that we can continue to organise events in the coming years.

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